Biotechnology for you look and feel younger
Wrinkles filling, enhancing and restoring volume loss
caixaThis product is the result of Italian research: it has been conceived, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy:

pictoIt is highly tolerated, with virtually no endotoxins or other free toxic substances
pictoIt has a higher concentration of cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid than other fillers on the market
pictoIts effects are immediately visible after the first application. It lasts 8 to 12 months, as part of a constant maintenance programme
pictoIts application is simple and effective

Is effective for treating patients with:
• Mid to deep wrinkles filling (face, neck, low-necked, hands)
• Hollow temple area (crow’s feet) wrinkles, periorbital lines
• Nose-cheek definition
• Nasolabial folds, grief wrinkles
• Lips border circuit, lips volume, philtrum columns
• Nose reshaping
• Eyebrow shaping / lifting volume restoration
• Sagging folds (cheeks, facial oval, chin) etc
• Oral commissures (marionette lines)

Oral commissures (marionette lines):
• Bolus (supraperiosteal or deep subcutaeous layers)
• Linear technique
• Fanning technique
• Cross-hatching technique
• Multi-puncture technique
• “Fern pattern” technique
• “Paris lip” technique.

Innovative Manufacturing Process
The CE-certified manufacturing process implemented for PRESSENSA ATTRACTIVA Medium guarantees the sterility of the filler by using a fully aseptic preparation method, thus avoiding the typical degradation process of conventional heat sterilisation.
This provides more stability, preserves the active ingredient’s chemical and physical characteristics, and guarantees long-lasting effects of the treatment over time..

Highly Selected Raw Materials
The Hyaluronic Acid selected by PRESSENSA ATTRACTIVA Medium is derived using a patented method based on the biofermentation of a bacterial strain that is non-pathogenic to human beings.

Safety Guarantee
Its high purity and very low concentrations of nucleic acids and proteins, as well as a bacterial endotoxin level of < 0.5 EU/ml (markedly lower than the limits set by the European Pharmacopoeia for injectable products) provide maximum reduction of hypersensitivity reactions.
In addition, thanks to the cross-linked agent which is used, PRESSENSA ATTRACTIVA Medium toxicity levels are much lower than other fillers using other cross-linked agents.