Matifying the complexion and moisturising the skin

Light and non-greasy, this matifying skincare purifies and moisturises the skin with a long-lasting effect.

• Absorbs excess sebum, helps reduce blemishes
• Tightens pores on the face
• Guarantees 24-hour moisture*

Easy to apply, it will not leave the skin feeling sticky and is an ideal make-up base.

The Hydrating Purifying Emulsion is formulated free of paraben and phenoxyethanol.
It is available in a 40 ml tube

Effective formula for advanced action

• Dermapur HP
Absorbs excess sebum and improves the texture of the skin**

• Hyaluronic acid
Moisturises and protects by forming a non-occlusive film on the surface of the skin.

• Shea butter
Moisturises the skin and keeps it feeling soft and supple.

*Assessment of the level of moisturisation on 11 women, measured by corneometer – IDEA clinic – 2013.
** DERMAPUR® HP technical dossier – SILAB® – 2006.