Chronic or occasional hair loss

With its unique and innovative formula, Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Hair Loss Lotion provides comprehensive action on hair loss and helps restore your hair to full health:
• Slows hair loss.
• Stabilises hair density.
• Protects the hair from damaging external factors.

With its light and pleasant texture, Bailleul Cystiphane Anti-Hair Loss Lotion soaks in quickly, does not irritate the scalp and makes styling easier.

An innovative formula for maximum results

• Viniferine, extracted from grapevine shoots, extends the lifespan of cells in the hair bulb.
• The Cystine precursor and vitamin B6 boost the effect of the viniferine and protect the hair bulb from external elements.
• Piroctone olamine reduces inflammation of the scalp caused by micro-organisms (Malassezia) and encourages hair regrowth.

High-tolerance formula

• 0% paraben
• 0% phenoxyethanol
• 0% fragrance
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-greasy texture, non-sticky and non-drying


Hair loss