With its exclusive antifungal complex, the broad action of the Biorga Cystiphane Anti-Dandruff Intensive DS Shampoo effectively combats severe dandruff combined with an itchy scalp:

• Eliminates dandruff.
• Prevents dandruff reappearing and improves the health of the scalp’s natural fungal balance.
• Soothes irritation and itching.

Pleasantly fragranced, Cystiphane Biorga Anti-Dandruff Intensive DS Shampoo leaves hair shiny, soft and smooth.

A unique formula for advanced action

• Exclusive antifungal complex (Miconazole + Climbazole): helps prevent Malassezia yeast proliferation, the main cause of dandruff.
• Salicylic acid and Resorcinol: keratolytic active ingredients that help eliminate dandruff.
• Essential juniper oil: soothes scalp irritations.

0% Paraben
0% Phenoxyethanol


Hair loss